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CIMR review being a creative dialogue between management academicians and practitioners and aims at being essential reading for those scholars, policy makers, and management practitioners interested in growth, change, and innovation in developing societies.

Every issue of the journal carries many features like perspectives, research, interfaces, colloquium, management case, case diagnosis, book reviews, and abstracts.

Perspectives present emerging issues and ideas that call for action or rethinking by managers, administrators, and policy makers in organizations.

Research includes research articles that focus on the analysis and resolution of managerial and academic issues based on analytical and empirical or case research.

Interfaces present articles focusing on managerial applications of management practices, theories, and concepts.

Colloquium includes debate on a contemporary topic. Both academicians and practitioners discuss the topic.

Management Case describes a real-life situation faced, a decision or action taken by an individual manager or by an organization at the strategic, functional or operational levels.

Diagnoses present analyses of the management case by academicians and practitioners. The case problems are examined, their causes are analysed, and issues of relevance are discussed.

Book Reviews covers reviews of current books on management.

Abstracts includes summaries of significant articles of management interest published in Indian and international journals particularly those focusing on emerging economies.

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